Manifest Manufacturing is a professional manufacturer of quality items located in Wanchai, Hong Kong.  We can offer complete manufacturing solutions for small quantity/ high quality items at our facility. Manifest Manufacturing is operated by Manifest Marketing Limited and can offer a Turn-key solution to almost any product or project.

Manifest Manufacturing Turn-Key Solutions

Manifest Manufacturing Turn-Key Solutions

We offer the cost savings advantages of Asian manufacturing without the problems of language, concept interpretation and intent. We work with the customer during every step of a manufacturing project.

Manufacturing services we offer include:

  • Low Minimum Order Quantity (As low as 500 pieces depending on item and complexity)
  • We can incorporate latest technology and concepts (integrated circuits, bio-friendly materials etc.)
  • Complete design from concept or redevelopment
  • Injection molding
  • Up to 12 layer SMT printed circuit board capability
  • Guaranteed quality control at factory site or at our facility in Hong Kong
  • Intellectual property protection by controlled access and by use of multiple suppliers

We make sure that our customers receive exactly what they order, expect, and pay for.

Contact us to see what Manifest can do for your company!