Our Hong Kong shop has the capability of handling a great variety of projects; even those with considerably small quantities.

The biggest issues that some North American and European companies have with dealing with companies in the far east is communications. Communications problems can range from simple contact (getting through on the phone) because of poor quality infrastructure in the area you are trying to call and time difference, to language barriers, to cultural understanding.

Manifest Manufacturing solves such issues in many ways. Below are some examples:

  • Good communication in English (Everyone in the Hong Kong Office speaks fluent English).
  • Depending on the need, MM staff can be reached 24 hours per day (you don’t have to wait until midnight to reach us during our office hours).
  • Hong Kong has one of the best communications infrastructures in Asia (possibly the world) and as such we can be reached by landline phones, mobile phones, fax, email etc. at any time. We normally respond to email and other written correspondence within the next business day or faster.
  • We are experienced in manufacturing and can insure the best possible results from the first drawings and samples sent.
  • All known costs will be included in the quote. The customer will be informed if/when any unforeseen material cost increases, development charges and other increases become known. (For example the price of PVC increases unrepentantly or a component becomes obsolete and the replacement is more expensive.)
  • Depending on the product, the minimum order quantity can be very low. This is huge advantage if market tests and trial runs need to be made.
  • All quality control is done by someone from Manifest Manufacturing. Nothing leaves Asia before we check it. We guarantee it!