How We Work

It’s easy to start with Manifest Manufacturing. As you know, each product and requirement is unique. Just send us an email message or fill out our contact form with your idea, requirement, question or request. We’ll respond right away.

Manifest Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Manifest Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

Our Standard Process Approach

  • We discuss the project or product that you need
  • We give you an Offer/Quote, Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ), terms etc
  • If that is acceptable, we’ll ask you to formally accept the quote
  • At this point sometimes formal contracts and/or nondisclosure agreements are required
  • Once our offer is accepted, we will start work. This may include drawings, samples or engineering work etc.
  • We only invoice and require payments at each step — as will be outlined in the Offer/Quote.

We don’t require large upfront payments or commitments.

  • Once samples are accepted, (before and during production) we will develop complete performance and quality control documentation. Nothing will be shipped until is it is checked and tested against this documentation.
  • We ship by sea and air, according to the customer’s requirement with regard to cost and speed. All shipping is done at cost.

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