Cert. No.: FS 526397

Cert. No.: FS 526397

The quality of our injection molded pieces is world class. We insure that no fillers, scrap or recycled material is used. Every piece delivered is perfect. We can do single piece molded items or complete assemblies with any material available from around the world.

With regard to electronics, we have complete design capability and can take an idea to complete PCB and electronics design. We have up to 12-layer SMT capability and access to major IC and components. We can provide complete systems and special cable and components in addition to manufactured products.


Our Hong Kong facility is 100% ROHS (lead-free) certified and so are our partner manufactures. If other certifications are needed (UL, CE etc.), we have access to certified testing laboratories here in Asia that can certify products to international recognized standards.

“If we can’t find it, we can probably make it. If we can’t make it, it probably can’t be done… Manifest Manufacturing will never sacrifice quality for cost.”


– Bryan VanDale, Managing Director